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Probio Chicken

PROBIO CHICKEN TM is a domestic fowl / commonly called broiler
that is

processed by substituting antibiotics and all kind of chemical substance with probiotics at the husbandry. We call this process as PRONIC® system, which also applicable to any kind of agricultural products. 

PRONIC® stands for Probiotic – Organic Solutions for Healthy Food.
Probiotic means microbes which affect positive reactions to the growth of every living organism. As we know, probiotic has already been consumed by human, manufactured by several brand names for its benefit of supporting and optimizing digestion system. By giving probiotics to animal feed and plants, will also enhance the healthiness of these organisms and at the same time gives the same positive effect to human
whose consume them.

PRONIC® system applies on PROBIO CHICKEN TM uses Probiotic and Organic substances to chicken feed and drink water. The system will provide optimum healthiness to chicken in husbandry, as well as the surrounding environment of the corral.

The improvement of the health of the chicken will also enhance the quality of the meat, to achieve its optimum natural eminence.

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